Letter to the Editor

Save room for art

San Luis ObispoMarch 17, 2014 

For many years our house bordered on the most vital and volatile ranch property — the Dalidio acreage — purchased by Gary Grossman. We have admiration and confidence in Grossman’s vast mall experience and his openness to ideas and Macy’s and other high-end tenants.

At this point of time (I’m 94) and cheer for Lady Gaga, my idea for Grossman is to make our Central Coast a permanent touchstone for the arts by saving perhaps less than an acre for one of the world’s most celebrated international Solomon R. Guggenheim Art Museums (http://guggenheim.org). Our Central Coast artists could volunteer and perhaps hang their work separately by the masters.

Headquarters for the Guggenheim, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, are in New York City.

Other Guggenheim museums are located in Venice; Bilbao, Spain; and one in Abu Dhabi under construction. This continuing art legacy could be Grossman’s tribute to the land he loves, the incandescent California Central Coast, heart of SLO on Highway 101, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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