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Never have signed

Grover BeachMarch 17, 2014 

I have been voting for 50 years and have never missed an opportunity to vote. In all these years, I have never signed my name to a ballot.

The Five Cities Fire Authority has sent out ballots with the parcel number(s) printed on them. You must print your name and sign the ballot. The ballot is to be turned in to the Fire Authority and if you need a new ballot, call the Fire Authority and they will print you out a new ballot. Every firefighter and anyone else, will be allowed to view these ballots. This begs the question — will those who vote no get a slow response from the fire department during an emergency?

In addition, to cast the ballot only one of the property owners is allowed to cast their vote. Where is the due process for the other owner(s)?

Excuse me — do we still live in America? Since when have voter names been put on ballots, and the ballots with the names and signatures on them allowed to be viewed by the agency involved?

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