Letter to the Editor

Put off jogging

San Luis ObispoMarch 17, 2014 

You see them on the streets: overweight people jogging and gasping for breath. It’s the age of shin splints and damaged feet, pushing yourself past your limits. A once doughnut-softened office body in its middle years needs a long time to come around to good health. Until you can medium speed-walk at least four miles without blowing like a porpoise, sweating gallons and bumping your heart rate past 120, it’s absolutely asinine to start jogging; especially on a hard surface like sidewalks. Sidewalk running in itself is a “foot killer.”

Being in shape means knowing your body, how it feels, how it responds and mostly when to stop — knowing enough is enough. Running and speed-walking are brutal; they also are demanding and boring. This type of violent exercise is best left to kids and knowledgeable “jocks.” It’s not for insurance adjusters and sales managers whose idea of exercise is walking up one flight of stairs. And if you’re in this category, walking briskly no less than 12 hours a week will probably do it. So eschew the jogging without having a complete physical first.

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