Letter to the Editor

Veteran cyclists

Arroyo GrandeMarch 14, 2014 

Following up on David Williams’ March 2 letter concerning his aggravation with a group of cyclists on Corbett Canyon Road in front of a trailing SUV with flashing lights: I can sympathize with him. As a motorist, I sometimes become aggravated with being slowed down by cyclists on my way to a destination.

Well, that frustrated feeling drastically changed forever for me on that same day, and on that same road that Mr. Williams experienced his frustration. You see, those cyclists, 35 in all, were out-of-town veterans training for a big ride coming up in October. They were part of the nationwide Ride 2 Recovery program that helps speed up the recovery and rehabilitation process of veterans with physical and mental disabilities.

The only reason I know this is because my wife’s cousin from Los Angeles was one of those cyclists. While I stood alongside the road ringing a cow bell and holding a homemade sign of encouragement for the veteran cyclists, my attitude changed about my being slowed down in the travels of life.

The next time I’m behind a cyclist on a narrow road, aggravation will not be part of my feelings.

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