Letter to the Editor

Everyone pitch in

Paso RoblesMarch 14, 2014 

Well, we finally got some rain. Not enough to save us from this drought or future droughts, but enough to refresh the plants for now. It’s nice to know that everyone on the Central Coast is doing their part to conserve — or are they?

We just returned from a weekend in Cambria, where I understand the water restrictions are at the highest levels, with penalties to overusers. This means ultra-conservation inside homes, and no outside watering.

We stayed at a local inn, and nowhere was it indicated that there was a severe drought, other than a note to hang up your used towel for a second use. There weren’t any water restrictions in the bathroom with a full-flush toilet, full-force shower and faucet. I felt guilty using it knowing that the people who live in Cambria are so restricted.

Then, to top it off, on our drive home through Paso Robles, we passed a few fields growing forage hay with overhead sprinklers running full force with the knowledge that this rainstorm was on its way.

Beating this drought is going to have to take help from everyone, not just a few.

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