Without new supply, water crisis was a matter of when, not if

March 13, 2014 

Reading from these pages lately one gets the distinct impression that the citizens of Cambria are shocked and angry about the draconian-measures that are being forced upon them by the Cambria Community Services District. They’re acting as if they had no idea this was going to happen, when in reality it is just like a train arriving at the station.

It’s a train that has been on the same track for many many years and it has been plain to see that it was eventually going to arrive at the station unless it was diverted. The only question was when.

Cambrians are talking about the CCSD as if it is a monolith, separate and distinct from themselves. Over the years the CCSD has been comprised of numerous different individuals who have been elected by the community. CCSD in fact IS the community of Cambria, one and the same.

So if you are a voter in Cambria and looking for someone to blame for your predicament all you need to do is look into the mirror and you will find the culprit. If you're somebody who thinks the desal plant should've been built by now, I will tell you that it may well have been built had you shown up. Because the only people who have shown up have been the ones who are bent on stopping it.

Yes, despite many successive elections of pro-desalination boards, the minority opposition has been able to stop it with their lobbying. It's just like the Tea Party thwarting the plans of the President and the Senate.

Cambrians who want this problem fixed would do best to rally in support of their water district board, not attack it. If you have a better idea let them know about it. If enough consensus builds around your idea then maybe they’ll act on it.

If you are not able to build a consensus around your idea, then step aside and stop trying to sabotage what others are doing. As President Obama said, "You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election, but don't break it.”

And in all things you do remember this: putting a condition on that any proposed solution must be too small to warrant lifting the moratorium is like a poison pill. That some in town maintain this condition is key to why the problem is not solved today.

Huntington Beach resident Deryl Robinson is president of United Lot Owners of Cambria.

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