Letter to the Editor

A special town

“Planet Earth” and “Frozen Planet” producer/directorMarch 13, 2014 

I am a frequent visitor to San Luis Obispo due to the special qualities of the city. Having visited many cities internationally during my filming career, I strongly believe that the unique and special atmosphere of San Luis Obispo must be preserved, in particular the exceptional trees in the center of the city, as well as the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains that can be seen from nearly every street.

I also really value the chance to visit a city that still has locally owned stores at its center. These need to be retained and, if possible, should be increased in number. This plays a great role in making SLO so distinctive and appealing to visitors. The Mission Plaza and all the historical buildings must also be protected to ensure San Luis Obispo’s important place in the region.

Finally, the nighttime experiences in the town should be made as safe and as diverse as possible so they continue to attract a cross-section of visitors, as well as encourage more residents to live in the center.

The continued fight to preserve this special town and keep it safe is something I hope to see continuing into the future.

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