Letter to the Editor

Creationist letters

CambriaMarch 13, 2014 

Some thoughts concerning creationist letters published in The Tribune:

Four centuries ago, Galileo’s viewing of the heavens convinced him the Earth orbits the sun. Publishing this, contrary to church dogma, got him convicted of heresy, forcing him to recant and accept house arrest to avoid torture. Nowadays, scientists can generally stick to evidence and ignore dogma. Some persons find this intolerable regarding evolution, feeling it would undercut their faith.

Prime among organizations attempting to replace evolution with creationism is the Discovery Institute’s “Center for Science and Culture.” Their “wedge” document explains why and how they’re going about this (as a major part of re-Christianizing science) — largely by stressing that we are made in God’s image. They’re convinced Western civilization was built partly upon this “bedrock principle” and it’s been “under attack by intellectuals drawing on their discoveries of modern science,” with “devastating” consequences. The Center’s pro-creation/antievolution efforts include trying to “wedge” creationism into the schools, and sway the public with creationist books.

We got over not being placed at the center of the universe. Maybe we could, likewise, all get over not starting out as is?

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