Letter to the Editor

Ramona Park

OceanoMarch 12, 2014 

I write this letter to the public, especially the citizens of Grover Beach.

Grover Beach has great parks and one of most well-used parks for recreation and events. Parks are very important and valued in our city we go there for comfort and relax under a tree. Ramona Park was one of the parks — not anymore. Panhandling, drinking and excessive disturbances have gone unnoticed and not taken care of. Bathrooms are unusable. People are panhandling and sleeping on the benches near the buses.

No-smoking signs were put in place at the park to not allow smoking, but that sign might as well not be there, because they do it all the time anyway. Police have been called on several occasions and the problem just keeps going on. I ride the bus all the time and have to wait there at that stop; I don’t feel safe anymore doing that.

Again I think the solution to this is to get something done about the homeless in Grover Beach. This has gone on too long. My fear is that something serious will happen at the park is that is what it’s going to take to get the city’s attention.

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