Letter to the Editor

Not my Atascadero

AtascaderoMarch 12, 2014 

I just can’t wrap my brain around Lon Allan’s recent opinion piece about rude people in Atascadero. Surely we are not thinking of the same city. The Atascadero where I live still has gentlemen, young and old, who hold doors open for ladies to pass through first, and small business owners who help you carry your purchases to the car when they see you have a little one’s hand to hold and leave you with a “have a nice day.”

The kids in my community are quick with their smiles and manners, and you couldn’t ask for more generosity from your neighbors when you find yourself with some dilemma.

The Atascadero I know is a community where people support their small businesses, their schools, youth sports and each other. I hope Mr. Allan can look past his negative experiences and see the beauty in the city my family is so lucky and proud to call home.

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