Just stay out of it

Los OsosMarch 12, 2014 

Problems surrounding the U.S. government run rampant. Our economy is a catastrophe, with the national debt clocking in at more than $14 trillion. We’re having a hard enough job handling our own country’s problems. It’s not our place to step in to control Russia’s problems. At this point, we shouldn’t get involved in Russia’s affairs with Ukraine.

Ukraine is culturally and politically divided. Residents of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea speak Russian as well as Ukrainian, and share a similar political ideology to Russia, while people inhabiting Western Ukraine’s political ideology and culture is closer to that of Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin moved in troops to protect the Eastern and Crimean Ukrainians from Ukrainian nationalists’ persecution. The United States sent Ukraine a loan of $1 billion, an unwise move on our part.

Our economy is tied to Russia, as the federal government owes Russia $162.9 billion, and Russia is the world’s largest oil producer. Russia has the ability to ruin our economy, which is already in shambles.

The United States has enough problems running our own country, so why do we think we know what’s best for another? It’s not in our best interest to intervene in foreign countries’ conflicts.

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