Letter to the Editor

St. Patrick’s Day

San Luis ObispoMarch 11, 2014 

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, I would like to suggest that downtown bar owners consider the good of Cal Poly students, as well as the residents of San Luis, and common decency, and not open their drinking establishments at 6 a.m. March 17.

While it may suit their financial interests to open the bars at dawn and line downtown streets with port-a-potties, it does a great disservice to everyone else involved, including students.

Does anyone really need to be encouraged to start drinking at sunrise, to miss school or work, and to stagger through the streets wearing odd St. Patricks’ Day get-ups? How many students end the day with more than a severe hangover or an embarrassingly bad choice for a sleepover date? How many are given citations for public intoxication, drunk driving, assaults, etc.? How does that further their academic progress? A police record at this stage in their life will have lifelong ramifications.

Also, what does it say about San Luis Obispo when we don’t provide restrooms for our homeless population, but will provide them for an event that has no benefit other than furthering the financial interests of a few downtown bars?

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