Letter to the Editor

Tax increase

Arroyo GrandeMarch 11, 2014 

The Five Cities Fire Authority has made a huge mistake in authorizing a $66 tax increase on single-family residential property owners in the Oceano, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande areas.

It makes no sense that a single-family residence with a value less than $350,000 should be taxed the same amount as an identical one that is valued at more than $700,000.

Why wasn’t this matter publicized for comment by the FCFA Board, the approving Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach City Councils and the Oceano Community Service District Board of Directors before being approved? Citizens — especially citizen property owners — would certainly have something to say about this.

It is a tax increase!

Property owners should vote no on the ballots sent to their addressed properties in a stamped self-return envelope, if in fact they received the ballots — and many have not.

The ballot should be turned down. Vote no; it is inequitable in every way. Why should my modest home be equated with the many million-dollar homes in the area?

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