Letter to the Editor

Bike lanes needed

San Luis ObispoMarch 10, 2014 

Re: Dave Williams’ letter: “Bike Limits Needed,” I appreciate his comments about users of Corbett Canyon Road. I have ridden my bicycle and driven my car on this road for more than 30 years.

Yes, this roadway is limiting for both bicyclists and drivers due to its narrowness and configuration. Bicyclists should not ride two to three abreast on this road, or any other, when unsafe. It is too dangerous. Drivers should slow down on this road too, and not add to the danger.

Corbett Canyon Road is posted for 55 miles per hour — a highway speed. This road is not safe at that speed. I suggest it be posted at 45 miles per hour. There are very few shoulders or bike lanes along the road. It is highly used by drivers and cyclists as a direct connection from South County to San Luis Obispo. It is a designated “Bike Route.” It is planned as a Class 2 Bike Way in the SLO County Bike Plan (adding bike lanes along its length) in the future. The planned bike lanes on Corbett Canyon Road are needed now.

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