Letter to the Editor

Please don’t pin the blame on Atascadero

AtascaderoMarch 10, 2014 

Why the negativity toward Atascadero? Joe Tarica wrote a column March 1 with the headline “Atascadero’s on a race to the bottom,” and then March 4 Lon Allan gave us a column headlined “Rudeness on the upswing in Atascadero.”

Tarica lamented the closing of Grocery Discount Center. GDC isn’t a great store, but you hate to see them have to close. Does this really mean that Atascadero is “on a race to the bottom?”

Then, Lon Allan told us of some terrible things going on in Atascadero. Apparently, people don’t always pick up after themselves in movie theaters or take their shopping carts to the correct area. Oh, and there is some petty vandalism. Kinda like everywhere else. If you want to write a column about people being less polite than in the past, fine, but don’t pin it on Atascadero.

It’s great that The Tribune has Atascadero columnists, but too bad they don’t seem to like it here. Lots of us do. The people here are friendly, family-oriented and helpful. In fact, I could probably round up a few neighbors to help Tarica and Allan pack their U-Hauls to get to somewhere more to their liking.

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