Letter to the Editor

No endless resource

San Luis ObispoMarch 9, 2014 

When I read Mike Morgan’s letter of March 3 (“Pipe in Water”), I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As a 35-year resident of the Pacific Northwest before moving to the Central Coast, I know for a fact that the Columbia River is not “an endless renewable resource of water.”

Just as California struggles to manage scarce water resources among industrial, agricultural and residential interests, the Bonneville Power Administration and the states of Oregon and Washington struggle to manage the water of the Columbia River system. The Columbia is not the Colorado, which can be drained dry before reaching the ocean. It is a working river supporting agriculture and industry throughout the Pacific Northwest.

There is no “extra water” to export to California. California’s water problems are going to have to be solved within its borders. Conservation will have to be an integral part of any strategy to keep this state moving forward.

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