Letter to the Editor

The new oil?

AtascaderoMarch 9, 2014 

As one who plans on living on the planet in the future, I am beginning to feel uneasy. The recent unforgiving dry spell by Mother Nature is a clear indicator to take immediate action to reduce water consumption and rethink water use at the fundamental level. Ninety-seven percent of fresh liquid water is underground, and we are draining aquifers fast.

The continuing overdraft of groundwater from wells with this endless drought has resulted in the depletion of surfacelevel water, which in turn causes more people to rely on wells, causing even higher levels of overdraft, which will deplete the water table even further. This vicious cycle will continue until radical changes in water consumption are put into place, or mother nature finally shows us some mercy despite our careless and wasteful ways.

I fear that we are coming to see the age where water becomes the new oil. The age when wars are not fought for fuel, but for the fundamental necessity of life. Although our momentum is in the wrong direction, implementing new water policy now could save us from disaster in the future.

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