Letter to the Editor

Castle a waste

Morro BayMarch 7, 2014 

Mr. Franco, your statement that “no water was wasted” is completely incorrect. That water was used to water the gardens of Hearst Castle, a shrine to yellow journalism and excess. The gardens do not feed the hungry or even provide wine grapes for the wealthy. They are merely for show, just as that monstrosity on the hill is just for show.

In native cultures the hoarding of wealth or resources beyond what one needs is considered a mental illness. Hearst Castle is a prime example of that illness. And filming a music video in the Neptune Pool during a horrible drought is another sign of illness.

Your pimping out of Hearst Castle to the highest bidder (Lady Gaga, a puppet of the 1 percent that Hearst would be proud of) only shows your inability to see the crisis our great state is facing.

True, she did pay $250,000 to preserve the Castle that propaganda built, but who cares? Your statement that “no water was wasted” is completely inaccurate. Every drop of water, every penny spent on Hearst Castle is a waste.

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