Letter to the Editor

Retaliation in kind

NipomoMarch 7, 2014 

Amid the overwhelming load of nonsense in Craig Kelso’s letter of March 5 is his epiphany: “Military retaliation only inflames those who plot terrorism.”

Well, no. History shows: Military retaliation and readiness actually get rid of terrorists as well as other aggressive thugs. High school level history can teach Mr. Kelso that military retaliation among other things won World Wars I and II, gave us a free South Korea and saved the state of Israel a couple of times. America’s overwhelming military and nuclear readiness played a major role in ending the thuggish Soviet Union. Any number of other examples are out there.

Willingness to meet aggressive behavior in kind even works in the schoolyard: Who ever heard of the play-yard bully giving up ruffian behavior to simple appeals for peace? The bully has to first learn that retaliation in kind is at hand before giving up oppression and other hateful acts.

Pacifism really only results in satisfactory outcomes among other pacifists.

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