Letter to the Editor

Poor response

San Luis ObispoMarch 7, 2014 

The idea of asking your Democratic and Republican opinion writers to pick admired leaders from the other party was a good one. And while the Democrat, Mr. Iqbal, delivered a thoughtful and interesting response, the Republican did not.

John Peschong’s response was reminiscent of a petulant schoolboy completing an assignment by trying to be too clever by half. First, he conveniently cherry-picks single actions by Democratic presidents Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy to support his already established rightwing world view. His selection of Ronald Reagan as an admired Democrat, who campaigned against Medicare and spent his entire political career as a Republican, was absurd.

However, his snide and cynical selection of Rep. Nancy Pelosi as an “admired leader” because Republicans collectively detest her, was insulting.

We get it, Mr. Peschong, you don’t like Democrats, but you wasted my time with snarky comments. If you didn’t want to write a thoughtful essay, you should have skipped the assignment and spared us all.

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