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cambrian@thetribunenews.comMarch 6, 2014 

Just sayin’

Spilled in February, 168,000 gallons of water. Cambria Community Services District claims malfunction.

Spilled in October, 265,000 gallons of water. CCSD claims faulty device.

As of March 1, district customers are restricted to using two units of water (1,496 gallons) per month per person (49 gallons per person per day), with stiff penalties levied for usage above that.

The 433,000 gallons spilled is my allotted usage for about 24 years.

Just saying.

Jutta Jacobs


Set record straight

Clarification of  Cambria Community Services District Director Mike Thompson’s statements at the Feb. 27 board meeting:

Director Thompson accused me, a former director, of causing the current community water shortage by stopping the “approved” desal plant 18 years ago and not developing other water supply alternatives.

I was elected with two other new directors 18 years ago, replacing three “pro-desal” directors due to a groundswell of Cambrians because they did not want to subsidize regional development with an oversized, expensive desalination factory.

The new directors (including myself and existing Director Helen May) voted 4 to 1 to stop that desalination project and implement the will of the people.

I had been involved with Cambria water supply alternatives prior to election by volunteering hydrogeology, engineering geology and geophysical experience to review the CT Ranch reservoir feasibility study for the existing board directors and their representatives.

After election, myself and the other directors adopted a comprehensive Water Master Plan for Cambria intended to not put all of the community resource “eggs” into one basket. The plan included the following components in order of least costly (1) to most costly (4):

1. Conservation, including individual home cisterns for reuse of gray water which was so successful by Cambria residents that wastewater plant staff had to add drinking water to the plant to keep it running as the influent was too concentrated. Unfortunately, the district-directed conservation was never implemented, including collecting and redirecting runoff water that would wastefully flow to the ocean on Weymouth (down to Charing) and collected on Whitehall so that it flows into Santa Rosa Creek.

2. Dry side-canyon diversion reservoirs that can be pumped full of excess winter runoff and underflow for water supply and potential wildfire suppression (I found five potential canyon reservoirs). Helen May worked with Clyde Warren to develop one canyon site immediately after I left the board in 2000 for medical reasons.

3. Wastewater repurification, utilizing excess state grant money (available then and still available now) to recharge upstream creeks and potentially replace agricultural irrigation water. This plan was partially implemented when “purple pipe” was installed along Moonstone Beach Drive to provide treated wastewater access to motels and restaurants for toilet flushing and irrigation.

4. And only if these previous alternatives did not provide ample water for Cambria, an alternative to provide the plumbing for an emergency, temporary, portable desal.
Subsequently, CCSD boards became obsessed with only desalination and the unfulfilled community promise of Federal funding to build the desal plant.

Lou Blanck


Bribes for votes

Has it not come to your attention that our government is being controlled through bribery? If a “party” wants to be in control, they simply give people what they want.

A “party” says they are for immigration and get the Hispanic votes. A party says they are for same-couple marriage, they get the gay votes.

A party says they will help the lazy and poor, and they get the low-earners vote.
It’s all about bribery, not what is best for our nation.

David Manion


All for it

William Randolph Hearst would have approved of Lady Gaga’s film shoot.
Heck, if W.R. were alive, Lady Gaga would be a guest at Hearst Castle!

M.M. McGuire

San Simeon

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