Letter to the Editor

Facts and faith

Paso RoblesMarch 6, 2014 

Arguments presented by those who view the world from a faith-based point of view will rarely find agreement with those of us who are fact-based.

If asked why the sun rises in the east, the fact-based answer is that, given the orbit of the Earth around the sun, and the rotation of the Earth itself, the sun rises from what we declare, by convention , is the east. A faith-based person may well answer that the sun rises from the east because God wills it, and if he/she wills otherwise, it will rise from the west tomorrow.

Faith-based persons may argue that it took six days to make the world, as it says in the Bible, but that is given the lie by a fact-based study of fossil records. Creationists have argued that dinosaurs and Homo sapiens were contemporaneous, but the facts simply do not bear them out.

When faced with these arguments from faith-based people, the only response can be “show me the facts.” People of faith do not value facts: they value beliefs. While it may give them comfort, it does not advance knowledge ; it inhibits learning and attempts to drown out logic.

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