Letter to the Editor

Time to assess

CayucosMarch 5, 2014 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent Russian troops that have no identifying insignia into Crimea, Ukraine, to ostensibly keep things calm. President Barack Obama responded in a reasoned manner by initiating a 90-minute telephone dialogue that spelled out the possible consequences for Russia should it continue the path toward confrontation.

Allowing time to assess the volatile and constantly changing situation, the president is part of an international effort to reaffirm global standards of geopolitical behavior and formulate responses that do not heighten the dangers inherent in dealing with Putin’s megalomaniacal decisions. For all involved, this takes time.

But do the Republicans stand firm with the president in this time of international delicacy? No, once again they are obstructionist and help portray the United States as a country without compass. No matter how President Obama responds, others will play politics. There is no concern on their part to do what is right. Their only concern is to gain political advantage, regardless of how their actions affect our relations with the rest of the world. In their minds, what is best for Republicans is best for the country. Wrong thinking — once again.

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