Letter to the Editor

GMO food safety

CambriaMarch 3, 2014 

Ed Cobleigh (Tribune, Feb. 25) opposes labeling of GMO (genetically modified) foods. He claims that “reams of data” show that GMO foods are safe. However, he fails to cite a single scientific study that proves that GMO foods are safe.

For those readers who would like to see some scientific evidence regarding GMOs, they can read “GMO Myths and Truths,” an evidencebased examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops. Written by Michael Antoniou, Claire Robinson and John Fagan, and published in June 2012 by Earth Open Source (http://www.earthopensource.org), this report is based on peer-reviewed scientific papers.

If genetically modified foods are so great, why aren’t the companies that produce them proud to label them? In my opinion, the GMO producers don’t want consumers to know what is in their food, because the more consumers learn about GMOs the less they like them.

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