Letter to the Editor

Pipe in water

Los OsosMarch 3, 2014 

Regarding Gale Reamer’s letter of Feb. 24, Gale comments: “When the water is gone, they will move on (they meaning the wineries in this area) and we ‘little people’ will be left with the dried-up fields.”

Gale, we “little people” will be forced to move on as well. Conservation is not vision. It is accepting defeat. It is accepting “what is” when we can do much better. When the water is gone, there is nothing to conserve.

The Central Coast is a semi-desert. If we don’t have the forethought to get water piped in, we will continue to be subjected to these letters such as yours on water conservation. Anti-use, anti-growth does not improve your property value; on the contrary, it detracts from it.

Mother Nature has provided an endless renewable resource of water to the north of us. It is called the Columbia River. Pay for piped-in water, or pay for the costs of relocation. Ohio, anyone?

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