Letter to the Editor

Be a good neighbor

San Luis ObispoMarch 3, 2014 

As a lifelong resident of San Luis Obispo, I oppose President Jeffrey Armstrong’s proposal to build new dorms at the Grand Avenue and Slack Street location.

I retired from Cal Poly two years ago after 21 years of service. I enjoyed the “Learn by Doing” atmosphere. It benefited not only the students, but also the support staff.

But there’s more to the institution than just Learning by Doing. It’s called “Leading by Example.” President Armstrong would be making a serious mistake to ignore this concept while he discounts the objections of the residents that will be adversely affected by any new dorms on Grand Avenue.

The message President Armstrong has been sending to our community strongly implies “Our (Cal Poly) mission trumps being a good neighbor.” Is this really the message President Armstrong wants to send to his students? I would certainly hope not.

No one is exempt from being a good neighbor; not Cal Poly; not the students nor any resident or businesses in the community.

President Armstrong has a golden opportunity to demonstrate good citizenship to his students. Let’s hope he doesn’t miss it.

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