Letter to the Editor

Bike limits needed

Arroyo GrandeMarch 2, 2014 

If you missed the big bike tour on Corbett Canyon, let me give you a rundown:

I was driving to SLO when I came upon several bikers all in single file puffing along. Then a few miles later, several cars were braking, and in front of the cars was a large number of bikers riding two- and three-abreast while an SUV with it’s warning light on held back the flow of traffic. Then a few more miles up the canyon, a pickup truck was holding up traffic for another bunch.

This was quite dangerous for both the car drivers and the bikers. I feel canyon and narrow roads should be banned to bikers, just like some roads are off-limits to trucks. If there had been an accident on Corbett Canyon Road, the lawyers would have had a field day. Narrow and twisty roads are not safe for bicycles.

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