Letter to the Editor

Welcome back, Nick

Los OsosMarch 2, 2014 

It was good to read that Nick Franco gets to go back to the job he does so well. I have had the pleasure of working with him on numerous projects over many years. He is one of the most effective government staff people I’ve ever met. His rare ability of approaching projects with an attitude of “yes” sets him apart from others.

His creative approach to the Lady Gaga request was nothing short of ingenious! In an era of state cutbacks, Nick found a way to bring positive international recognition to the Castle; $250,000 to the Castle foundation; money to the Community Services District for a water study for Cambria; fees paid for the use of the Castle; a water conservation promotion by Lady Gaga herself, and how many millions of views internationally when her video is released. What’s not to like here?

The state should be grateful for exceptional staff like Nick, and encourage more out-of-the-box thinking. If he was Facebook Google Plus Reddit Print Order a reprint of this story

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