Address the problem

San Luis ObispoMarch 2, 2014 

Charles Krauthammer has a point in his piece in The Tribune on Feb. 21 (“The Myth of ‘Settled’ Science”). It’s technically true that the case for man-made climate change is not “settled.” Nothing in science is ever finally settled; there’s always room for doubt and for revision of current theory based on new evidence.

But so what? Let’s assume there is some room for doubt on this point. Let’s assume that the probability that we’re badly messing up the planet is only 95 percent, or 90 percent, or even lower. Is that a reason for inaction? Hopefully not, when the technological fixes to this problem exist and are well known, and the major obstacles to them are political. The potential consequences in terms of rising sea levels and disruption of plant and animal species are just too dire.

I, for one, will continue to do everything in my power to decrease my “carbon footprint” and support organizations like the Citizens’ Climate Lobby that are addressing this problem. I urge everyone to do the same.

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