Letter to the Editor

Conservative debt

San Luis ObispoFebruary 28, 2014 

Letter writer Matt Kokkonen (Feb. 19) only needs to view the charts detailing the national debt for the past 70 years to see it is not spending that greatly increases the debt, but modern “conservatives” who have demonstrated they would rather pass the debt onto their children than pay their fair share.

From 1942 until 1980, the debt remained flatlined under a responsible citizenry. Ronald Reagan was elected and cut tax rates to the rich, and the debt began to skyrocket. The increase slows in the ’90s under Bill Clinton with increased tax rates, and the debt actually starts to decline as George W. Bush takes over. While starting two unfunded wars, Bush proposed, and a Republican-controlled Congress passed, two irresponsible tax cuts benefiting mostly their rich cronies. In 2009, the debt had doubled as Bush left office.

Now Congress, and the White House, are controlled by anti-American corporatists such as Grover Norquist who do the bidding of the rich to stop fair taxes from being enacted and to blame government for the perversion of our founders’ ideals by “citizenizing” soulless corporations. Here is where the problem is, Matt, and as you allow the corporatocracy to continue to control our government, your granddaughter’s debt load will continue to increase.

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