Letter to the Editor

Jury disappointment

Arroyo GrandeFebruary 28, 2014 

I agree with Sunday’s Viewpoint (Feb. 23) on the merits of the civil grand jury program. I have concerns, as someone who applied last year, with the last two steps of the multistep selection process that consisted of:

1. A written application.

2. An informational meeting and one-on-one talks with former jurors.

3. An interview with judges of the Superior Court to discuss one’s qualifications and the jury’s research and decision-making process.

4. The judges’ recommendations of those best qualified.

5. Those recommended are entered in a “lottery,” from which names are pulled for 19 jurors and three alternates.

6. All attend a ceremony to learn the lottery’s results.

7. Five of us were not chosen for any role.

What a disappointment! Those not chosen shouldn’t have to sit through a ceremony to learn their status, and then watch the others leave for formal swearing-in and a luncheon. They should be told by letter or phone.

Better yet, the lottery could choose only the 22 people needed.

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