Letter to the Editor

Stop the tour?

CambriaFebruary 27, 2014 

I live in Cambria, where we are on rationed water usage. We cannot water our yards, or take showers or flush too often, or we will be penalized.

Is it too late to stop the Amgen Tour from coming to Cambria? It was bad enough last time with the highway being closed for hours, children waiting for hours to get home from school and the general disruption of daily activities. And this time they are staying here? Does Cambria have an emergency water situation or not? Who approved the influx of this many people when it could and should have been avoided?

And they are promoting it, and looking for 2,000 visitors they hope will stay an extra night or two. Are these people nuts? No amount of publicity for the town or profit for local businesses will make up for our running out of water.

And I don’t need to go to a public meeting on March 6 to have this explained to me.

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