Letter to the Editor

Planet at risk

CambriaFebruary 26, 2014 

Mr. Krauthammer’s “myth of settled science” suggests that climate scientists around the world claim to know exactly what global warming will cause 20 to 50 years into the future. They do not make such claims, and if it appears that they do, it is because journalists like Mr. Krauthammer spin essays to make it seem so.

Science rarely “proves” anything. What science does is provide a level of confidence that something is true. When it comes to global warming, that degree of confidence is currently at 95. Interestingly, medical doctors currently express their level of confidence that smoking leads to cancer at 95 percent, exactly the same as for human caused global warming.

When an individual dies from such a cancer, tragic as that is, only one life has been lost. With global warming however, the entire living planet is at risk, including our well-being, and that of all generations to follow who must learn to live with what we have left them.

Given what is at stake, which is the more prudent course for us: Wait a few more decades and hope for 100 percent certainty, or to take action now based on 95 percent certainty?

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