Telegram-Tribune photographer Fen Truebridge

Posted by David Middlecamp on February 25, 2014 

Telegram-Tribune photographer Fen Truebridge mounts the cable elevator, right, with steeplejack Orval Ady of Seattle for the trip up inside the huge brick-lined funnel at the Morro Bay Power Plant. The concrete block allowed only room for one foot and a prayer. First published 3-4-1955


You may have read the post on how the smokestack photo was made and wondered what the photographer looked like. Here is a photo of Fen Truebridge and the magic carpet that took him to the top of the Morro Bay Power Plant's 450-foot-tall smokestack. Only the first of three smokestacks existed when this photo was made in March 1955. Don't grip to the cable too tightly or it will spin.

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