Letter to the Editor

Facts vs. beliefs

Paso RoblesFebruary 25, 2014 

From other letters, it’s obvious a confusion between the concept of belief systems and the process of science is widespread. Many people accept the overwhelming scientific consensus that Earth’s climate is rapidly heating and human activity is contributing to this warming. Yet many of these very same folks believe organic foods are beneficial despite repeated findings that there is no difference between organic foods and conventionally grown food, using like comparisons.

More than 200 years of hard data tell us humans evolved from simpler life forms over hundreds of thousands of years — no one with scientific credentials says otherwise. However, many of the exact same people who wouldn’t think to question evolution refuse to accept the reams of data showing that genetically modified organisms pose no threat to anyone’s health. These individuals push for labeling GMO foods to warn against unspecified dangers suggested by their belief system and not by science.

Facts are facts whether you “believe” in them or not. Belief systems cannot be proved or disproved by facts or by the scientific method. Evolution, global warming and the principles of food safety are facts. Religion, values and ethics are belief systems. Let’s keep those two concepts separate.

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