Letter to the Editor

Funny Krugman

CambriaFebruary 25, 2014 

In his Feb. 18 commentary, Paul Krugman — going after Comcast for acquiring Time Warner — cites the scourge of monopoly, yet in his columns week after week he supports hands down the biggest and most overreaching intrusive monopoly: our federal government.

Paul refers to Microsoft’s monopoly position, and says that “monopoly itself is a barrier to innovation,” but the truth is that innovation and competition made that company so successful and immensely vital to the United States’ and the world’s economy for three decades.

I understand the perils of criticizing a winner of the Nobel Prize, but Paul has strayed from that along the way. He used to make me angry with his acidic articles about Republicans and businesses large and small; but he’s very noticeably getting funnier with each of his columns as time goes on. Keep it up Paul; we need some laughs.

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