Letter to the Editor

What about future?

Los OsosFebruary 24, 2014 

The Tribune on Feb. 9 featured three excellent articles regarding our periodic droughts. Many of us have been conserving water for years, and it will help in the short run, but what about the future?

If gray watering and water-collection programs have ever been seriously developed by the Board of Supervisors, it has escaped my notice. Why is there no desalination plant? Where are additional reservoirs? Also, why is the proposed water district necessary when Paso Robles’ basin is the second-largest aquifer in the Western United States, containing 31.9 million acre-feet of storage capacity?

In actuality, our county — and the rest of the country — has the resources and tools to meet our growing needs. So let’s stop ignoring the obvious and then declaring a crisis when the inevitable happens. Otherwise, when it starts raining (as it now has), we will be stuck with regrettable regulations.

Our officials were elected to plan ahead — not to institute more and more controls. As we stop showering, flushing our toilets and watering our lawns, I urge our leaders to make a plan to develop water resources that will help us to avoid these unnecessary measures in the future — without constricting our freedoms.

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