Letter to the Editor

Fix those leaks

NipomoFebruary 24, 2014 

Overuse of water is mostly caused by faulty irrigation systems. Leaking valves, broken heads and improperly adjusted timers. Unfortunately, most consumers aren’t aware of these problem until the bill arrives. In some areas that have bimonthly billing cycles, it may be a month or two until they realize it. A bad battery in a timer during a power outage can cause the controller to reset to factory settings, which is every day for a long period of time. Don’t be afraid to discuss your usage with friends and neighbors. If you are unable to do the repairs yourself call a professional water conservation expert.

I am not writing for free publicity, but I do receive 90 percent of my calls from the little advertisement in the The Tribune. I have tried to use the tag “water conservation,” but that didn’t work. Once I tagged it “repair leaks,” the phone rang off the hook.

To sum up, if we really want to save a lot of water, we need to look at faulty and outdated irrigation systems in residential, commercial and public settings.

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