Letter to the Editor

Disappointing rules

San Luis ObispoFebruary 24, 2014 

In the months since Cal Poly proposed building several five-story freshman dorms on Slack Street and Grand Avenue, there have been the usual wild parties requiring police intervention.

Monterey Heights, Alta Vista, Highland and Laguna neighborhoods are routinely impacted by roaming, vandalizing, drunken students. My home is surrounded by roaming students from three different directions as they migrate to and from the Greek-sponsored parties. Four thousand Greek students, 12 Greek houses. You do the math.

The party last weekend included students chair racing in the middle of Fredericks Street in the middle of the night, directly in front of homes of families. The fraternity parties were held while on “social probation.”

The new rules of two written warnings and social probation are disappointing and reflect Poly’s refusal to establish academic consequences. The city has crime maps on their website now that allows easy viewing of the crimes that occur in our neighborhoods nightly.

To add 1,500 freshmen to the already crime-laden neighborhoods flies in the face of reason.

We are asking that the freshmen be moved closer to the campus core, away from the residential streets. That’s all.

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