Letter to the Editor

A great idea

Arroyo GrandeFebruary 24, 2014 

Finally, someone else has the same idea I’ve been talking about for a couple of years now!

Thank you, Mr. Guy De Gagne, for your Feb. 15 letter to The Tribune, in which you suggested taking the billions of dollars earmarked for this unwanted, unneeded high-speed train in our state and using it to build a pipeline to the east to siphon all the floodwaters there and bring it here.

Water is a necessity for life. Transportation is not. This country builds oil pipelines, why not water pipelines? The Midwest and eastern states would be alleviated from floods, the western states could be abundant in water, jobs would be created, federal and state income tax revenue would be created and the economy would be healed.

Yes, Mr. De Gagne — why is no one else taking this great idea and making it happen?

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