Letter to the Editor

Just the first round

San Luis ObispoFebruary 21, 2014 

Hats off to San Luis Coastal Unified School District and the school board for recognizing the problems with the high-density approach for the use of the property and being able to make a rational decision going forward. It is often not easy to recognize that previous assumptions may have changed, that the legal environment may have changed, that needs may have changed and that changes in the economics evaluated for previous decisions may necessitate reversing those decisions. But the school system management and board were able to make that hard, but correct decision.

All those neighbors who have helped to bring the facts to the school district should feel proud of how they have contributed to creating a better environment for the city of San Luis Obispo. But we must also remember, this is just the first round of a process to determine what, if any, development should occur on that site. And to continue to accept the responsibility of helping the school district understand the needs of the neighborhoods potentially affected by any development.

We should be aware of the lessons learned in this process and should continue to work together, neighborhoods hand-in-hand.

Good work neighbors!

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