Letter to the Editor

Water market

Paso RoblesFebruary 21, 2014 

In response to Alan Courtney’s letter dated Feb. 10: Mr. Courtney did not do his research very well. Billionaires the Resnicks may be, and unconcerned about their 720 acres of grapes’ impact on the neighbors, but they are not even close to the largest landholders in the proposed district area.

Water is bought and sold on a daily basis, even perhaps by you, if you like bottled water — and that had to come from some source other than your tap. And yes, it is bought and sold on a larger basis, of course, as in the city of Paso Robles and others in the county, purchasing water from the Lake Nacimiento project or the State Water Project.

Nobody is suggesting that the water in the Paso Robles groundwater basin is for sale. First off, there isn’t enough water there, it would appear, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Secondly, with a district in place, the water is ours because we would be represented by our elected board; nobody would own the district or could own the district without our consent.

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