Letter to the Editor

Celebrate the vote

Santa MargaritaFebruary 21, 2014 

A teen on the cusp of voting age, I watched the State of the Union address with a keen ear to issues relevant to my future: college student loans, the economy and environment. Engrossed in my enthusiasm, I paused to consider why many don’t exercise their right to vote.

We are fortunate to live in a democratic nation where we have the right to participate in government. How, then, might we provide ways for more people to exercise this right? The answer lies in making Election Day a national holiday.

As a holiday, Election Day would celebrate the importance of voting: All could partake in the process with a respite from busy schedules. It would eliminate apathy by creating the expectation that all eligible adults vote; it would provide time to visit the polls, discuss politics and focus on the gifts inherent in a free society.

We are fortunate to live with rights guaranteed by our Constitution. Along with these rights come the responsibility to vote. As a nation, we must make time to embrace our freedoms and celebrate the one right that is cornerstone to democracy. As a nation, it is time to celebrate the vote.

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