Online book purchases help Cambria Grammar School library

Cambrian@thetribunenews.comFebruary 20, 2014 

Local Masons and local residents are helping put books in the hands of Cambria Grammar School students. For 18 years, the Thaddeus Sherman Masonic Lodge No. 196 (formerly known as Free and Accepted Masons San Simeon Lodge No. 196) has made supporting reading education in Cambria a priority. Since 1995, the Masons have sponsored a Reading Achievement Award at the school. Altogether, the Masons have financed purchase of about 400 books for the school library.

The school is also teaming up with Barnes & Noble to raise additional money and buy more library books. Through Sunday, Feb. 23, the school library benefits from online purchases of books and other merchandise, including toys and Nooks from Barnes & Noble.

To help put more books in the hands of more students, go to and enter the code 11308046 when checking out and a share of the proceeds will go to the grammar school for book purchases.

Each year in the Masons program, every grammar school classroom teacher is asked to select a student from his or her class who has exhibited a love of reading. These students are then invited to visit a local bookstore and choose a book, compliments of the Masons, to be placed in the school library. This year’s visit was to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, Feb. 18.

The students are later recognized at a school-wide assembly program. A dedication plate inside their book features the student’s name and a personal note from their teacher about their reading accomplishment.

“Our future is dependent on our youth,” said Mason member Jerry McKinnon. “Our youth depend on education. Reading is an important part of their education. Anything we can do to help students, we want to do, to help our town and our country.”

For more information, call school librarian Dena Vertrees at 924-2838.


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