Letter to the Editor

Inheritance of debt

San Luis ObispoFebruary 19, 2014 

The Tribune published the article “Congress averts debt crisis after Senate drama” after the Senate voted to increase the nation’s debt — now at $17.2 trillion — to an undefined limit. The article, from The New York Times, indicated the crisis was not the huge debt but the “dramatic” possibility that the Senate might not have passed the increase. How asinine!

My two young granddaughters have dollhouses. Now each has a $55,000 mortgage against her dollhouse. It is sad and wrong that our children and grandchildren are starting their lives with such huge debts.

The debt is caused simply by the irresponsible spending by our representatives. Shame on them. The inheritance our generation is leaving our children is this immense, increasing credit card debt currently amounting to $55,000 for each person. It is immoral for our generation to not live within its means and to pass this debt to our children.

Stop this thievery. Stop this selfishness. Stop spending our children into economic slavery. How stupid to claim the problem is to not increase the debt rather than the catastrophically increasing debt itself.

Parenthetically, running the article without a balanced critique again illustrates Tribune’s liberal bias and its consequential, declining influence.

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