Letter to the Editor

Consensus views

AtascaderoFebruary 19, 2014 

Hurray for Atascadero City Council members Roberta Fonzi and Heather Moreno for not being bulldozed into allowing the politically based “consensus” of future climate change disaster predictions to be inserted into the Atascadero Climate Action Plan. Real science does nothing by consensus.

The “consensus” labeled Copernicus a heretic for saying the sun centered the solar system.

The “consensus” called Louis Pasteur a fool and kicked him out of France for saying germs caused diseases.

The “consensus” derisively mocked Alfred Wegener for saying continental drift explained much geography.

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report claiming man’s CO2 emissions are causing climate change was the politician’s conclusion, not those of U.N. IPCC scientists.

The facts: ice age and warming cycles have occurred for millions of years; every 1,500 years, a warming and cooling cycle occurs. Climate models cannot accurately calculate temperature effect of sunlight reflected away by clouds or radiation held in. The Earth’s temperature has fluctuated uncorrelated to CO2 content for many years.

Thanks to Fonzi and Moreno, the city of Atascadero will not be a sycophant for the consensus of scientifically unjustified global warming alarmists.

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