Letter to the Editor

The new ‘precariats’

San Luis ObispoFebruary 19, 2014 

My sister, who happens to be an “old-school” liberal, often tells me that David Brooks is a “moderating voice” among political pundits. Perhaps he is moderate only because he has chosen to turn a blind eye to the sinister meaning of American “exceptionalism” — a code word for America’s unfounded belief in its own cultural superiority (a belief system shared by both the Roman and British empires) and its “New World Order” mandate to coercively foist its influence — economically and militarily — onto the rest of the world.

Brooks unfairly criticized “precariats” for their distrust of unbridled “free market economies.” Though Brooks obviously was unable to fully understand this new demographic, “precariats” are those who have come to realize that all countries have the right to “self-determination” (including our own). They do not want their country to be ruled by a wealthy elite or by corporate or military cartels.

One could surmise that this new “precariat” class no longer finds it acceptable for the CIA to covertly crush left-wing agitators in South America, in Southeast Asia and in the Middle East while lending economic and military aid to right-wing military juntas and dictators — simply to continue monopolizing the world’s resources.

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