Letter to the Editor

Memorial sign fee is too costly

TempletonFebruary 19, 2014 

Well, I have to admit that I’m glad I live in Templeton rather than in Paso Robles, where the powers-that-be have decided that if you want to have a roadside memorial sign for a loved one killed at a particular spot, you go through the city and pay almost $300 for a sign that will be there for two years. If it’s stolen, you pay the same amount to have it replaced.

Wow — it really makes my heart sink to think that the city would stoop that low to charge another fee to make money for their coffers. And while I get some of the arguments about the actual placement of such signs (someone could be hurt while installing them unless it is a city worker), the amount charged is really way out of line and is almost a slap in the face to families and friends who lost someone dear. Perhaps this could be considered once again and a different solution found.

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