Lady Gaga stops by Cambria Ale House for sake and dancing

Special to The TribuneFebruary 18, 2014 

Lady Gaga livened up what had been a quiet night at a local Cambria craft beer bar Thursday.

Things were a little slow at the Cambria Ale House on Main Street in the East Village. About a half-dozen locals enjoyed themselves, and bartender Dillon Carr was getting ready to close the small watering hole, which has just seven stools at the bar, two tables and two couches, plus five seats at a bar along the window.

Around 9:30 a luxury tour bus pulled up in front. Among the group of about 25 people that stepped out of the bus was the international pop superstar Lady Gaga. Before Gaga entered, her security detail checked things out and, since it was a mellow Cambria venue, the all-clear signal was given.

With long straight hair, a smile and minimal makeup, Gaga walked up to Carr and introduced herself.

"It was an exciting moment," Carr recalled. "She was there for about two and a half hours. The crew had been working 16-hour days on the video at the Castle, so they were ready to have some fun."

They did indeed have fun. In fact, the group depleted the house supply of sake and a substantial volume of beer was consumed as well. Gaga had several servings of sake — "she was definitely having a fine time," Carr commented — and she spent time behind the bar. She had her own style of music for the moment and popped a CD into the Ale House stereo system.

It was electronic dance music. Her entourage, which included the crew that had just produced her video at Hearst Castle, cast members, dancers, her personal assistants and friends, reportedly did some energetic dancing.

Ale House proprietor Jeff Hentges, who was not present during the party, was thrilled that a person of Gaga's renown would come into his emporium.

"She could have gone anywhere, but she came here. She tipped our bartender $500 bucks. It's all pretty cool," he added.

"It wasn't an ordinary night at all," said bar manager Chris Mayes, who notes that one way to judge how much fun Gaga had is the fact that her charter flight to New York City the next morning was delayed.

The group was supposed to leave San Luis Obispo at 9 a.m., but the pop star apparently needed a bit of extra sleep, so the flight left around 11 a.m.

"Ale House is now Gaga approved," Mayes chuckled.

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Dillon Carr's first name.

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