Letter to the Editor

Embrace the Poly ‘Way’

AtascaderoFebruary 17, 2014 

As a Cal Poly alum and mom of a new Cal Poly student this last fall, I embrace “The Mustang Way.” It defines a value system that the community of Cal Poly is striving for.

With a community of young adults venturing into life away from home, to frown upon a motto that can give them direction — why would we do that? I know they don’t always hit the mark; we hear about it all the time. Better to have such a motto, than to not.

Bravo to those who developed these values, those who approved the idea and those who implement them on adaily basis. I don’t understand Joetopia Joe Tarica’s feelings about its overuse and risk of overshadowing Cal Poly’s “Learn By Doing” motto. As I see it, the two go hand in hand; the inception, development and implementation of the “The Mustang Way” is a perfect example of “Learn By Doing.”

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